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Post  Maugrim on 2011-02-14, 21:22

Main Build

Glyphs are Included

That build is for pure dps optimization, however there are some talents you can swap around. You can take one out of Runic Power Mastery and add it into Magic Suppression for some additional survivability in magic aoe etc... type fights.


Reforge things like Expertise, Crit and ONLY WHEN THE PREVIOUS STATS AREN'T ON THE PIECE reforge Mastery to Hit to reach your cap. If you are already hit capped then you will have to figure some things out. Refer to the Stat priority section of the page to figure out what you should reforge to what. If you are over Hit cap then reforge excess hit to Haste.


When it comes to gemming you have some choices:
For your Meta Gem You will want Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond.

For your Yellow sockets go with Fierce Ember Topaz for 20str/20haste.

For Blue Gems you will now want to go with Etched Demonseyes for your blues.

For Red Gems This one is fairly obvious, go with 40str gems.


Hit Rating:
When it comes to your Hit Rating, 8% hit is the cap. Adding any additional Hit Rating past this point is pretty much a waste of stats.

Another stat to pay attention to is your Expertise. With this stat the cap is 6.5% which is 26 Expertise. However expertise is rated very low as a stat priority for Unholy dks. So don't worry about this stat too much.

For Unholy DK's our stat priorities go as such:
Hit (until cap) > Strength > Haste > Mastery > Crit > Expertise(to cap) > Agility > Spell Hit

Haste is still ahead of Mastery, however Mastery is no longer completely useless to us. Keep this in mind when reforging your gear. But when it comes to choosing your gear, remember always that Strength is always number one.


These are all the top of the line enchants, Some can be costly and others may require a certain rep.

Weapon: Rune of the Fallen Crusader

Head: Arcanum of Dragonmaw -This one is from Dragonmaw rep.

Shoulders: Greater Inscription Of Unbreakable Quartz -Therazane Rep.

Chest: 20 to all stats(can also use 15 if low on gold)

Cloak: 50 Crit

Bracer: 65 Haste

Gloves: 50Str

Legs: 190 Atk Power + 55Crit

Boots: 50 Haste


Here is our mostly unchanged rotation.

***use Unholy Presence when using an Unholy build***

Open with:
IT > PS > SS > SS >

When possible always replace IT and PS with an Outbreak.

Then move on to priority system as follows,

Priority system: apply diseases > dark transformation(when available) > SS > FS > DC > then back to SS and FS

Also remember to use your other moves such as Blood Tap when its not on cooldown to get some extra strikes whenever possible.

So really, just keep your diseases up as priority one. So use your Icy Touch and Plague Strike, that much hasn't changed. Next in line is our Dark Transformation move. Now this move is new, essentially we can now transform our ghouls into a bigger and better ghoul temporarily. In order to do this you mus accumulate 5 Shadow Infusions on your ghoul. Which come from the 100% proc rate every time you cast a Death Coil. After that you wanna pull out your SS if you got the runes for it. Then, pull out the FS if you have the runes for it. The use up your rune power on Death Coils if you have a lot gathered up, also it's good to use these when Sudden Doom is procced, which makes your next death coil cost nothing. Then go back to another SS, then FS, then DC. That's pretty much it. It may seem like a lot but really it's not...I just like to type a lot.
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